TSMC Reveals Nominees for Board of Directors

TSMC (TWSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) has unveiled the ten nominees for its Board of Directors, a blend of current members and fresh faces slated for election at the company’s Annual General Meeting on June 4, 2024. The roster comprises three incumbent Directors, Dr. C.C. Wei, Dr. F.C. Tseng, and Dr. Ming-Hsin Kung, alongside four current Independent Directors: Sir Peter Leahy Bonfield, Mr. Michael R. Splinter, Mr. Moshe N. Gavrielov, and Dr. L. Rafael Reif. Joining them are three new candidates for Independent Directors: Ms. Ursula M. Burns, Ms. Lynn L. Elsenhans, and Dr. Chuan Lin.

Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman of TSMC, highlighted the diversity and expertise represented on the Board, reflecting professionals from various sectors and global regions. He expressed gratitude for the Board’s support, emphasizing its pivotal role in steering TSMC’s trajectory.

Alongside this announcement, TSMC acknowledged the retirement of Ms. Kok-Choo Chen, Mr. Yancey Hai, and Chairman Dr. Mark Liu. Dr. Liu’s departure marks the end of an era characterized by remarkable leadership during challenging times.

Dr. C.C. Wei, TSMC’s CEO, praised the outgoing members for their contributions, emphasizing their role in enhancing corporate governance amid industry shifts and geopolitical dynamics. Despite facing unprecedented challenges, TSMC remains committed to innovation and sustainability under the stewardship of its Board.

The comprehensive profiles of the Board of Director candidates underscore their extensive backgrounds and achievements, spanning academia, industry, and government sectors. These individuals bring a wealth of experience to TSMC’s governance, poised to guide the company through future endeavors.

In the wake of these changes, TSMC looks ahead with confidence, poised to uphold its reputation as a global leader in semiconductor technology.

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