Japan Coast Guard Acquires Three New H225 Helicopters

The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) has recently expanded its fleet with the procurement of three additional H225 helicopters, bringing its total H225 fleet to 18 aircraft. As the leading Super Puma operator in Japan, the JCG received three H225s in December 2023 and one in February 2024, reinforcing its capabilities for territorial coastal surveillance, maritime law enforcement, and disaster relief operations across the nation.

Jean-Luc Alfonsi, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters in Japan, emphasized the enduring partnership between Airbus and the Japan Coast Guard, citing the three-decade history of JCG’s operation of Super Puma helicopters. Alfonsi expressed confidence in the H225’s suitability for JCG’s critical missions, highlighting its adaptability to diverse weather conditions and its versatility for law enforcement, coastal protection, and island surveillance.

The H225 fleet of the JCG benefits from Airbus’ comprehensive HCare Smart full-by-the-hour material support program, ensuring optimal fleet availability while allowing the coast guard agency to focus on flight operations.

Renowned for its performance in challenging environments, exceptional range, and payload capacity, the H225 features advanced avionics, including large screens and an intuitive interface, enhancing pilot efficiency and mission effectiveness. With unmatched endurance, fast cruise speed, and adaptable configurations, the H225 remains a top choice in the 11-ton-category twin-engine rotorcraft segment.

Beyond the Japan Coast Guard, the H225 is extensively utilized in Japan, with 24 aircraft deployed by the Ministry of Defence and other parapublic operators for search and rescue, VIP transport, firefighting, and cargo missions.

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