Thinx Introduces New Styles Featuring LeakSafe™ Barrier Design for Up to 12 Hours Leak Protection

Thinx, the leading reusable period underwear brand in retail, has unveiled its latest styles featuring the innovative LeakSafe™ Barrier technology. This breakthrough is integrated across all product lines – Thinx, Thinx Teens®, and Thinx for All™ – promising extended leak protection for up to 12 hours, ensuring worry-free wear. The patented 4-layer gusset delivers unparalleled comfort and security, complemented by odor control and breathable fabrics for a fresh and dry experience throughout the day.

Designed with a focus on providing dependable leakproof coverage for up to 12 hours, the new Thinx styles have undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating an impressive absorption capacity equivalent to 12 regular tampons or 3 menstrual cups’ worth of flow. This durability offers users confidence even during heavy flow days, minimizing reliance on disposable products and alleviating concerns about mid-day changes.

Courtney Newman, Senior Director of Product Design at Thinx, highlights the effectiveness of the LeakSafe™ Barrier technology: “Our testing has shown that this innovation can effectively manage heavy flows, catering to the needs of the majority of users. By marrying form with function, we’ve optimized the gusset’s design to maximize surface area while ensuring a secure barrier against fluid movement, resulting in a superior product that offers customers the trifecta of comfort, style, and protection.”

Thinx’s latest advancements in technology and design are integrated across its entire range of period products, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to revolutionizing period care standards, and enabling menstruators to stay dry, comfortable, and at ease throughout the day.

Sara Plotkin, VP of Brand & Creative at Thinx, shares insights into the development process: “Throughout our journey, we’ve explored various materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques to craft an unparalleled customer experience. This innovation is meticulously tailored to address the specific needs of our customers, ensuring they receive protection that fosters confidence throughout their daily activities.”

Thinx products are priced competitively to cater to diverse needs and budgets. The new styles with extended 12-hour absorbency are now available on, with Thinx for All™ starting at $17, offering affordability without compromising on comfort or protection; Thinx Teens®, priced at a flat rate of $16, addresses the unique requirements of younger users; while classic Thinx styles, starting at $36, provide premium fabrics and cuts for discerning customers. Thinx products are also accessible through various retailers including Amazon, CVS, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart.

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