Lifezone Metals Secures Tanzanian Permit for Kabanga Nickel Project Plant

Lifezone Metals Granted Tanzanian Permit for Multi-Metals Refinery Lifezone Metals Limited (NYSE: LZM) CEO Chris Showalter announces the company’s receipt of a permit from the Government of Tanzania to establish a multi-metals refinery plant for nickel, copper, and cobalt. This refinery is part of the Kabanga Nickel project located near the former Buzwagi gold mine belonging to Barrick Gold in Kahama.

The Kabanga Nickel Project, situated in northwestern Tanzania, is renowned for being one of the largest and purest untapped nickel sulphide deposits globally. The Kahama multi-metal processing plant, known as the “Kahama Refinery,” is approximately 340 km southwest of Kabanga and operated by Tembo Nickel Corporation Ltd., a subsidiary of Lifezone with 16% ownership by the Tanzanian government.

Utilizing Lifezone’s Hydromet technology, the Kabanga and Kahama sites aim to produce finished metals within Tanzania, potentially reducing capital and operating costs and decreasing transportation expenses associated with concentrates or intermediates. This in-country processing will enhance local content optimization, contributing to national development and equitable economic benefits sharing.

Lifezone Metals’ Hydromet technology offers a transformative metal recovery method, potentially replacing the pollutant-heavy pyrometallurgical smelting process. By utilizing Hydromet technology, the Kabanga project seeks to provide lower-cost, lower-emission metals, particularly for electric vehicle batteries, supporting global energy transition efforts.

Chris Showalter expresses gratitude for the Tanzanian government’s support, highlighting the significance of the permits in advancing the Kabanga Nickel project’s production capabilities within Tanzania.

Minister of Minerals, Mr. Anthony Mavunde, underscores the importance of in-country refining, while Shinyanga Regional Commissioner, Mr. Anamringi Macha, emphasizes the refinery’s potential to boost employment and economic development in the region.

The establishment of the Kahama refinery within the designated Special Economic Zone offers tax and economic advantages. Additionally, access to skilled labor and existing infrastructure from the Buzwagi gold mine further enhances project feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

Lifezone Metals’ progress in Tanzania marks a significant milestone in the company’s strategic growth trajectory. To stay updated with Lifezone Metals news, sign up for alerts.

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