Integration of Data Matrix Code on ams OSRAM LEDs Facilitates Production Efficiency for Automotive Manufacturers

AMS OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a renowned leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, has unveiled an innovative solution aimed at enhancing the production efficiency and throughput for manufacturers of automotive lighting modules and systems. This breakthrough, known as DMC (Data Matrix Code), involves the integration of a distinctive, machine-readable code onto the surface of each LED package. DMC is currently accessible for select members of the OSIRE® range of automotive LEDs, offering a direct link to specific data for every LED unit produced. This data includes crucial parameters such as color coordinates, luminous intensity, and forward voltage at varying currents.

By incorporating a dual-current configuration, manufacturers gain expanded dimming options for both day and night modes, all while ensuring compliance with the rigorous color point stability standards set by the automotive industry.

Anita Wenzl, Senior Product Marketing Manager at AMS OSRAM, highlights the significance of this innovation: “AMS OSRAM was the pioneer in furnishing a direct link to the measurement data of each LED via a printed code on the LED itself. Our DMC innovation not only aids manufacturers in ramping up production throughput but also alleviates the necessity for costly optical testing equipment and the associated technical expertise.”

With the introduction of DMC, AMS OSRAM enhances the value proposition of its automotive LEDs by providing comprehensive data that supports digitized and automated manufacturing processes. DMC is currently available across three automotive LED models:

  • The OSIRE® E5515, an RGB ‘sidelooker’ LED tailored for contemporary ambient lighting within vehicle interiors. Housed in a sleek white surface-mount package, the OSIRE® E5515 is ideally suited for integration into slender light guides, with enhanced temperature stability for compatibility with IMSE® processes.
  • The OSIRE® E3323, an RGB top surface-emitting LED catering to ambient lighting needs within vehicle interiors. With its compact dimensions of 3.3 mm x 2.3 mm x 0.7 mm, the OSIRE® E3323 offers unparalleled flexibility in design compared to conventional delta or inline RGB chip configurations.

The DMC feature is incorporated into every LED produced, offering manufacturers the option to leverage the accompanying data as per their requirements. This value-added capability is poised for potential expansion to other members of the OSIRE® family in the future.

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