Dexerials Photonics Solutions Corporation Begins Operations as Photonics Industry Leader

Dexerials Corporation (TOKYO: 4980), a leader in cutting-edge technologies for smartphones, automobiles, and more, announces the formation of Dexerials Photonics Solutions Corporation (DXPS) through the integration of Dexerials Precision Components Corporation (DXPC) and Kyoto Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Kyoto Semiconductor). DXPS, a consolidated subsidiary, will commence operations on April 1, 2024, focusing on developing essential solutions in the photonics domain. Dexerials Group will support DXPS in this endeavor, aiming for societal efficiency and sustainable growth.

DXPS will continue the development and manufacture of microdevices and optical semiconductor products previously managed by DXPC and Kyoto Semiconductor, now under the Dexerials brand. Dexerials and Kyoto Semiconductor will showcase their offerings at the OFC 2024 exhibition in San Diego, USA, from March 26 to 28, inviting visitors to explore their booth.

Commenting on this development, Kazuya Hayashibe, Representative Director and President (planned) of DXPS, emphasizes the company’s commitment to leveraging optical semiconductor technologies and the Dexerials Group’s expertise to address societal challenges and drive innovation in the photonics field.

Following the launch of DXPS, there will be changes in the sales structure, with OSDC continuing to manufacture microdevices under contract. Photonics products, previously handled by DXPC and Kyoto Semiconductor, will now be offered by Dexerials.

Visit Dexerials and Kyoto Semiconductor’s booth at the OFC 2024 exhibition (Stand number: 3814) to explore their showcased products, including optical semiconductors, inorganic waveplates, smart precision adhesive, and anisotropic conductive film (ACF).

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