Dubai Honors Three Victors from India and Austria in Inaugural ‘Global Prompt Engineering Championship

Dubai Commits to Train One Million in AI Prompt Engineering Dubai has set an ambitious goal to train one million individuals in AI prompt engineering over the next three years. This initiative follows the announcement by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of several key entities including the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), of ‘One Million AI Prompters’, marking the world’s pioneering effort in this domain.

AI prompt engineering plays a pivotal role in optimizing the capabilities of generative AI systems. It entails comprehending the intricacies, limitations, and nuances of AI models, and is projected to emerge as a vital skillset in future workplaces.

The ‘One Million AI Prompters’ initiative, a pioneering venture in prompt engineering, aims to cultivate expertise and proficiency in crafting precise and efficient instructions for AI systems to accomplish desired objectives across diverse tasks, spanning from creative content generation to tackling intricate challenges.

The initiative will encompass an extensive curriculum, comprising training modules designed to enhance individuals’ proficiency in AI and prompt engineering. Accredited certifications will be conferred to validate participants’ skills, augmenting their professional profiles. Furthermore, the initiative will feature competitions, providing a platform for talents to network and collaborate with industry experts within the technology sphere.

The announcement of this initiative coincided with the conclusion of the inaugural Global Prompt Engineering Championship, the largest event of its kind globally. Over two days, participants engaged in contests across three categories: Art, Literature, and Coding, competing for prizes exceeding USD 270,000. The victors, Ajay Cyril and Aditya Nair from India, alongside Megan Fowkes from Austria, emerged triumphant after surpassing thousands of entrants from 100 nations.

The forthcoming editions of the competition will be expanded to incorporate additional categories, reflecting its growing prominence. The inaugural event featured workshops conducted by prominent tech entities such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, and the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, the strategic partner of the event.

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