Daikin Unveils New Corporate Philosophy

Daikin Industries, Ltd. has developed a new “Daikin Group Philosophy. Operating in over 170 countries and regions, Daikin has grown into a global corporate group with around 100,000 employees. In 2024, celebrating its 100th anniversary, the company took the opportunity to revise its “Group Philosophy,” originally established in 2002. The goal is to understand, preserve, and enhance its strengths while meeting the expectations and demands of society and stakeholders.

During the review, Daikin aimed to craft a philosophy that clearly communicates its aspirations and values to both internal and external stakeholders. This philosophy outlines what the company seeks to be and what it values, addressing the need for change in a rapidly evolving corporate environment. Daikin emphasizes that its diverse global workforce should understand, resonate with, and accept the new philosophy, using it as a guide for their actions.

The revised Daikin Group Philosophy begins with its Purpose, condensed from ten chapters to six for clarity. Additionally, the company has introduced “PCM Behaviors,” a set of action guidelines based on People-Centered Management (PCM), which all Group employees are expected to follow.

Daikin Group Philosophy: PCM Behaviors

  1. Take Bold Action and Seek Growth (Innovation & Growth):
    • Encourages employees to challenge established norms and lead innovation.
  2. Build Genuine Trustworthy Relationships and Teamwork (Trust & Teamwork):
    • Fosters dialogue and teamwork to share the Daikin Group’s dreams.
  3. Strive for Results (Winning & Achievement):
    • Inspires employees to achieve great results with passion, strong will, perseverance, and action.

As a corporate group committed to growth while earning customer trust and satisfaction, Daikin aims to enhance its corporate value and pioneer a sustainable, prosperous future.

Background of the Review of Our Group Philosophy

Daikin’s continuous growth prompted a review of its strengths and competitive edge, ensuring these are passed on to future generations and further developed. Recognizing the rapidly changing corporate environment, Daikin sees it as its mission to meet external expectations and demands, not only economically but also by contributing to the environment and society.

Marking its 100th anniversary, Daikin used this milestone to review its “Group Philosophy,” aiming to support continued growth and development in the future. The revised philosophy serves as a fundamental management approach to navigate the evolving business landscape.

Daikin Group Philosophy: PCM Behaviors – Action Guidelines based on People-Centered Management

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