VicOne Attains ISO/SAE 21434 Cybersecurity Certification

DEKRA, a leading automotive technology service provider endorsed by EU government agencies, has announced the successful audit of VicOne, a subsidiary of cybersecurity giant Trend Micro. VicOne has attained the ISO/SAE 21434 certificate in automotive cybersecurity. This achievement follows VicOne’s previous ASPICE CL2 level certification from DEKRA, underscoring their dedication to providing automotive cybersecurity solutions that meet international standards.


21434 is a crucial standard developed jointly by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), supporting the UN Regulation on Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Management Systems (UN R155). It outlines cybersecurity risk management requirements for automotive electronic and electrical systems across their lifecycle stages. Compliance with this standard assists automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers in meeting global cybersecurity regulatory requirements.

During the certificate presentation, Max Cheng, CEO of VicOne, received the certification from Aaron Lee, Managing Director of DEKRA Taiwan. Lee emphasized the growing importance of cybersecurity in the automotive industry, especially with the rise of IoT-enabled vehicles. He highlighted the significance of leveraging internationally certified cybersecurity tools to enhance efficiency and compliance, ultimately reducing development and production costs.

Max Cheng, CEO of VicOne, expressed pride in their achievement, stating that it further validates their development capabilities and quality control. He emphasized VicOne’s commitment to providing reliable cybersecurity solutions to renowned car manufacturers and suppliers.

Compliance with ISO 21434 underscores VicOne’s dedication to automotive cybersecurity, enhancing their reputation and market trust. As the automotive industry evolves with the adoption of electric and connected vehicles, cybersecurity becomes increasingly critical. ISO 21434 certification strengthens credibility, competitiveness, risk management, customer trust, and regulatory adherence in this evolving landscape.

DEKRA, designated by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) as a technical service provider in vehicle cybersecurity, offers comprehensive automotive cybersecurity services. With expertise in certifications related to UNECE regulations, ISO standards, functional safety, and information security assessment, DEKRA supports the industry’s transformation and advancement, particularly in the era of software-defined vehicles.

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