Emphasizing Stormwater Management’s Significance: Advanced Drainage Systems Commemorates World Water Day

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (NYSE: WMS), a prominent provider of innovative water management solutions for stormwater and wastewater sectors, is leveraging World Water Day (March 22) to underscore the critical need for efficient stormwater management and the vital significance of overseeing the entire lifecycle of raindrops. The year 2023 witnessed 27 stormwater-related natural disasters in the U.S., each exceeding $1 billion in costs. These calamities, spanning severe storms, tropical cyclones, flooding, droughts, and winter storms, amassed a staggering $88 billion collectively, contrasting sharply with just six such events two decades ago in 2003.

ADS President and CEO Scott Barbour articulated, “World Water Day serves as a clarion call to establish and maintain resilient communities by effectively managing stormwater throughout its journey from ground impact to ecosystem release. It’s increasingly evident that existing stormwater infrastructure falls short in tackling current climate patterns, posing genuine challenges for many communities.”

In a bid to underscore the pivotal role of stormwater management, ADS unveiled a new video demonstrating the efficacy of robust stormwater solutions. Taking water management responsibilities seriously, ADS collaborates with communities and builders nationwide to deploy infrastructure that captures, transports, stores, and treats stormwater, enhancing community well-being.

This message resonates strongly as more Americans express concerns about inadequate stormwater management. According to an ADS survey conducted by The Harris Poll in late 2023, over half of respondents (51%) expressed apprehensions about the adequacy of existing stormwater infrastructure in their communities.

The survey also revealed widespread belief among U.S. adults that the impact of climate change is surpassing current stormwater management practices. Moreover, 43% of respondents voiced concerns that stormwater management in their locality lags behind climate changes, underscoring the imperative for robust and sustainable water management practices.

“ADS is actively addressing these concerns by developing solutions that mitigate economic disruptions and environmental harm from significant stormwater events,” Barbour elaborated. “We are currently constructing the ADS Engineering and Technology Center, poised to be the world’s foremost facility for stormwater engineering, research, and development. Upon completion, this facility will uniquely position ADS to continue delivering cutting-edge stormwater solutions, facilitating communities in recovering successfully from major storm events.”

As per the United Nations, World Water Day, observed annually on March 22 since 1993, is a global event focusing on freshwater’s importance. The theme for World Water Day 2024, “Water for Peace,” emphasizes how communities and nations can foster harmony by uniting around equitable and sustainable water usage.

For more insights into how ADS manages the world’s most precious resource, water, through sustainable solutions, please visit adspipe.com/our-reason-is-water.

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