Collaboration between Daimler Buses and BMZ Poland Accelerates Zero-Emission Bus Transport in Europe

Daimler Buses and BMZ Poland, a key player in the BMZ Holding group, have forged a strategic partnership aimed at advancing the next generation of e-bus batteries. Together, they will refine existing battery technology to meet the specific demands of electric buses. The forthcoming NMC4 battery technology, succeeding the current NMC3, promises enhanced energy density for extended e-bus range and exceptional cycle longevity. Daimler Buses customers can anticipate access to NMC4 batteries by the mid-2020s.

Michael Klein, Chief Operating Officer at Daimler Buses, remarked, “This collaboration harnesses the strengths of both our companies: Daimler Buses’ proficiency in bus development and manufacturing, coupled with BMZ’s expertise in heavy-duty lithium-ion battery solutions. I am eagerly anticipating the evolution of a remarkable new battery generation for our electric bus fleet. This partnership signifies a significant step towards zero-emission public transportation across Europe.”

Tomasz Jankowski, General Manager of BMZ Poland, expressed pride in the partnership, stating, “For a decade, our focus has been on developing and producing top-tier e-bus systems. Collaborating with Daimler Buses is a recognition of our steadfast growth strategy and investment in the electric bus market. Together, we will expand our operations in Gliwice, establishing it as the EU’s first facility dedicated to bus battery production, complete with a fully automated assembly line.”

Daimler Buses’ Electric Roadmap

Daimler Buses is steadfastly advancing its e-mobility agenda across all sectors: Electric city buses have been in series production since 2018, with intercity e-buses slated for release by the mid-2020s and electrified coaches by 2030. By 2030, Daimler Buses aims to offer locally CO2-neutral models, powered by batteries or hydrogen, in every segment. Initially targeting core markets in Europe and Latin America, the company plans to exclusively sell locally CO2-neutral new vehicles in Europe by 2039, with Europe achieving this milestone as early as 2030 in the city bus segment.

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