UW–Madison and GE HealthCare Partner for Biohealth Innovation and Student Education

UW–Madison and GE HealthCare Collaborate on Biohealth Innovation The University of Wisconsin School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences (CDIS) at UW–Madison and GE HealthCare have announced GE HealthCare as the founding member of the N+1 Institute. The collaboration aims to explore artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing to enhance patient monitoring technology. This partnership comes ahead of the official launch event on May 6, 2024.

The N+1 Institute, part of the Department of Computer Sciences within the School of CDIS, focuses on fostering industry-university collaboration. It aims to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative technology while providing students with practical learning opportunities.

This collaboration aligns with Wisconsin’s designation as a Regional Tech Hub for promoting innovation in personalized medicine. Both UW–Madison and GE HealthCare are part of the Tech Hub consortium, contributing to the state’s biohealth research efforts.

David Ertl, Executive Director of the N+1 Institute, highlighted the timely nature of the collaboration, given Wisconsin’s thriving biohealth industry and UW–Madison’s expertise.

Edge computing, a core research area of the N+1 Institute, is crucial for enhancing patient monitoring by improving speed, bandwidth, and reliability. GE HealthCare and the N+1 Institute aim to develop edge technology solutions to improve healthcare outcomes.

Roshy Francis, Chief Technology Officer for Patient Care Solutions at GE HealthCare, emphasized the potential of edge computing to support real-time patient care and address healthcare industry challenges.

The collaboration will not only benefit industry outcomes but also provide students with valuable real-world education. GE HealthCare plans to mentor students, collaborate on research projects, and provide technology solutions to support coursework.

Overall, the collaboration aims to prepare a trained workforce to support Wisconsin’s Biohealth Tech Hub. To learn more about GE HealthCare’s monitoring solutions, visit https://www.gehealthcare.com/products/patient-monitoring.

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