Tennant Company Unveils Senior Leadership Changes to Lead ERP Transformation and Propel Product Innovation

Tennant Company, a leading force in crafting solutions that foster a cleaner, safer, and healthier world, has introduced key adjustments to its senior leadership team to fortify its trajectory of enterprise growth. Barb Balinski assumes the role of Senior Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer, overseeing the Company’s business process transformation initiative, while Pat Schottler transitions into the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Technology Officer, focusing on product innovation and disruptive technologies.

Balinski, who has served as Tennant’s Chief Innovation and Technology Officer since 2021, spearheaded the Company’s R&D, Marketing, and IT functions. With Tennant embarking on a significant initiative to modernize its business processes through an SAP conversion, Balinski’s seasoned leadership is vital. Thus, her role has been refined to concentrate exclusively on guiding and sustaining momentum in this transformative endeavor.

Dave Huml, President and CEO of Tennant Company, commended Balinski’s leadership in steering the ERP modernization initiative and expressed confidence in her capability to drive its successful completion. Balinski’s tenure at Tennant has been marked by significant contributions, including the development of groundbreaking autonomous robot technology and a robust pipeline of innovations.

Meanwhile, the newly established role of Chief Marketing and Technology Officer will be assumed by Pat Schottler, currently serving as Tennant’s Vice President of Marketing. With extensive experience within Tennant, including leadership roles in the Asia-Pacific region, Schottler is poised to leverage his cross-functional expertise to advance the Company’s growth agenda.

Huml anticipates Schottler’s strategic acumen and Balinski’s steadfast leadership will propel Tennant towards its growth objectives. Innovation remains a cornerstone of Tennant’s ethos, and both leaders are poised to drive growth through their respective domains.

Founded in 1870, Tennant Company stands as a beacon of innovation in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. With a global footprint, Tennant’s offerings span industrial, commercial, and outdoor surface maintenance equipment, sustainable cleaning technologies, and an extensive network of cleaning tools and supplies. With revenues of $1.24 billion in 2023 and approximately 4,500 employees worldwide, Tennant continues to be at the forefront of creating a cleaner, safer, and healthier world. For further details, visit www.tennantco.com and www.ipcworldwide.com.

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