Tennant Company Unveils Global Rollout of i-mop Product Range

Tennant Company, a global leader in innovative cleaning solutions, has announced the introduction of i-mop® Lite scrubbers and i-mop® XL Plus to the Brazilian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish markets. Developed in collaboration with i-team Global, these mechanized cleaning solutions offer enhanced efficiency and effectiveness compared to traditional methods.

The expansion of Tennant’s i-mop product line aims to provide a wider range of customers with access to advanced cleaning technology, elevating their cleaning standards across various industries. The i-mop family of products replaces conventional mops with a more sustainable and efficient approach, delivering superior cleaning performance while reducing time, water, and effort.

Users worldwide have praised the i-mop for its productivity, reliability, and ease of use. Leveraging Tennant’s expertise in responsive service and support, organizations can optimize their cleaning operations, improve uptime, and minimize total cost of ownership.

Featuring intuitive controls, lightweight design, and maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries, the i-mop lineup prioritizes usability and convenience. From compact spaces like restrooms and corridors to larger areas such as dining rooms and lobbies, Tennant offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet diverse cleaning needs.

Tennant Company’s international expansion of the i-mop portfolio reflects its commitment to revolutionizing the cleaning industry through innovation. For more information about Tennant’s i-mop solutions, visit tennantco.com.

Company Profile: Established in 1870, Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC) is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing solutions for creating cleaner, safer, and healthier environments. With a global presence spanning 15 countries and distribution in over 100 countries, Tennant’s diverse product range includes surface maintenance equipment, sustainable cleaning technologies, and cleaning tools. For more information, visit www.tennantco.com.

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