Supplyframe SamacSys ECAD Models Are Now a De Facto Industry Standard

Supplyframe today revealed the industry’s wide embrace of its DesignSense solutions including SamacSys ECAD models and footprints, which more than 865,000 design engineers now use. More than 50 component manufacturers and more than 60 distributors now offer the SamacSys ECAD models on their websites. Customers of distributor Mouser Electronics alone downloaded more than 1 million of the ECAD models in a single year.

Broad adoption of SamacSys ECAD models signals the power of these models and footprints for stakeholders across the electronics supply chain,” said Supplyframe CEO and founder Steve Flagg. “The rapid model creation capability and real-time availability of these digital design models, and their syndication across Supplyframe, distributor, and component manufacturer websites, have made the SamacSys ECAD models the de facto standard in the industry.”

DesignSense solutions, provided by Supplyframe company SamacSys, bring engineers, component manufacturers, and distributors closer together. Engineers benefit by gaining immediate access to assets such as 3D models, which enable them to design more easily and effectively with key suppliers and a best-in-class user experience. At the same time, distributors and manufacturers achieve a deeper understanding of active design cycles.

It’s abundantly clear that engineers worldwide rely on Supplyframe’s SamacSys ECAD models to craft the technology of tomorrow. Each day, engineers download thousands of Supplyframe SamacSys ECAD models from,” said Kevin Hess, senior vice president of marketing at Mouser Electronics. “This is a testament to the value these models deliver for engineers worldwide. That aligns with our mission to empower engineers to accelerate innovation and provide best-in-class design support.”

Alex MacDougall, founder of SamacSys and vice president of DesignSense Solutions and Innovation at Supplyframe, added: “We are absolutely thrilled to see the success and wide adoption of Supplyframe’s SamacSys ECAD models. It reinforces what we set out to do and continue to build on with these solutions: providing engineers with easily accessible, high-quality ECAD models that help them design circuit boards with a variety of EDA software tools. And we will continue rapidly responding to engineer requests for us to create new models.

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