KYOCERA SLD Laser Demonstrates High-speed Underwater Wireless Optical Communication and Custom GaN Laser Capabilities

KYOCERA SLD Laser, Inc. (KSLD), a world leader in the commercialization of laser light sources, has announced the demonstration of a high-speed, bidirectional link for Underwater Wireless Optical Communication (UWOC) and custom-chip gallium nitride (GaN) laser capabilities. The company will demonstrate these new LaserLight technologies at SPIE Photonics West, January 30 – February 1, 2024, at Booth 1667 in Hall C. In addition, Dr. Phillip Skahan will present “Advances in InGaN Laser Diodes for Emerging Applications in the Visible Spectral Range” on Jan 31, 2024, at 5:20 PM PST Room 2024/Level 2 West.

KSLD is pioneering LiFi innovations and will demonstrate a high-speed, bidirectional link powered by its novel GaN-based blue laser to enable UWOC. Laser LiFi is being adopted in various applications including undersea and space, secure offices, factories, defense, and security, as well as future smart cities. Recognized with the 2023 Prism Award, KSLD’s LaserLight™ LiFi system offers white and IR illumination with a 1 Gbps transmission rate bi-directionally in the air to support the future of wireless connectivity. The new blue laser-powered technology expands this system’s capability into underwater applications.

KSLD will also demonstrate its novel custom-chip laser capabilities which are being introduced to the market for customers needing specialized GaN device-based products. KSLD is a leader in GaN epitaxial growth, epitaxial layer transfer, and wafer-level facet formation technologies, enabling a new class of high-performance lasers. During the exhibition, a selection of GaN laser products will be shown in KSLD’s booth, including customized single-mode and multimode lasers at a variety of visible wavelengths. These new devices can enable advances in applications including quantum sensing, quantum computing, directed energy, 3D printing, optical wireless communication, biomedical, and life science.

KSLD will showcase the LaserLight module-automotive headlight assembly that offers high-brightness white and infrared (IR) dual illumination for night vision and sensing. The headlight assembly provides full features of low beam and high beam enabled by compact-size modules. The ultra-compact LaserLight Modules have a slim profile with less than a 12.7mm lens height enabling flexibility for designers.

In Dr. Skahan’s talk, KSLD will present the latest performance of efficient, high-power lasers spanning the violet to green wavelength range as well as novel applications for its unique transfer technology. In addition, Dr. Skahan will provide updates on ultra-short cavity in-plane laser diodes and other technologies for specialty chip applications.

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