STMicroelectronics’ Automotive DC Motor Pre-Driver Streamlines EMI Optimization and Enhances Power Efficiency

STMicroelectronics Unveils Advanced Automotive Gate Driver, L99H92, with Enhanced Programming and Diagnostic Capabilities STMicroelectronics introduces the L99H92, an automotive gate driver boasting an SPI port for versatile programming and diagnostics, along with a host of protective features and two supplementary current-sense amplifiers for comprehensive system monitoring.

Featuring two high-side and two low-side drivers, the L99H92 is engineered to efficiently control various automotive applications, including single H-bridge setups for bidirectional DC motors or dual half bridges for unidirectional motors. Its adaptability extends to electric sunroofs, window lifts, powered trunks, sliding doors, and seat-belt pre-tensioners.

The inclusion of a charge pump ensures stable operation even amidst fluctuations in vehicle battery voltage, enabling functionality with a minimal supply voltage of 5.41V. Moreover, the charge-pump output is externally accessible, facilitating control over a MOSFET for reverse-battery protection.

Sleek SPI-based programming allows for precise adjustment of gate-driving current, enabling effective minimization of electromagnetic emissions and thermal dissipation. This feature eliminates the need for up to four external discrete components per MOSFET typically required for slew-rate setting in conventional drivers. Additionally, a robust maximum drive current of 170mA offers flexibility in pairing with diverse external MOSFETs, including high-power variants with substantial gate capacitance.

Built with a focus on reliability and safety, the L99H92 boasts multiple protective measures and diagnostic functionalities. These include programmable overcurrent protection, cross-conduction prevention with customizable dead time, overtemperature early warning and shutdown, as well as overvoltage and undervoltage safeguards on analog and digital power supply inputs. Furthermore, it incorporates open-load and output short-circuit detection in off-state diagnostic mode for enhanced fault detection.

A fail-safe input swiftly deactivates all MOSFETs, while a dedicated diagnostic pin promptly signals faults without relying on periodic SPI transfers.

Furthermore, the integration of two current-sense amplifiers facilitates efficient system-status monitoring, contributing to streamlined bill of materials. These amplifiers support high-side, low-side, and inline sensing, featuring independently programmable gain, low offset, and minimal thermal drift. They can also be individually disabled to conserve power when not in use.

Available for production in TQFP32 or QFN32 packages with wettable flanks for easy inspection, the L99H92 is competitively priced starting from $1.7062 (QFN32) and $1.7246 (TQFP32) per 1000 pieces. For additional details, visit

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