Samsung Biologics Wins 11th Consecutive CDMO Leadership Award for Service Excellence

Samsung Biologics was honored with the 2024 CDMO Leadership Awards by Outsourced Pharma and Life Science Connect for its outstanding service and business performance. Achieving recognition across all six categories—Quality, Reliability, Capabilities, Expertise, Compatibility, and Service Capabilities—underscores the company’s dedication to client satisfaction.

The awards ceremony, held during DCAT Week in New York, celebrated Samsung Biologics’ consistent commitment to excellence. Kevin Sharp, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Sales, emphasized the significance of the acknowledgment, stating it serves as a driving force for the company’s future endeavors.

With the inauguration of Plant 4, the world’s largest single biomanufacturing facility in June 2023, and the commencement of Plant 5’s construction, Samsung Biologics continues to expand its capabilities. Additionally, plans for a standalone antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) facility reflect the company’s investment in innovative technologies to diversify its portfolio.

By offering customizable CMC solutions and leveraging proprietary platforms, Samsung Biologics ensures adaptable development services to meet evolving client requirements while maintaining quality standards. Winning the CDMO Leadership Award for the 11th consecutive year reaffirms the company’s position as a trusted partner in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor and Conference Chair of Outsourced Pharma, highlighted the resilience and adaptability of CDMOs amid uncertainties in the industry, recognizing them as essential partners in providing optimal solutions for drug and therapy sponsors.

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