Emerson’s Acoustic Monitor Enhances Oil & Gas Production Efficiency

Emerson Introduces Rosemount™ SAM42 Acoustic Particle Monitor Emerson has unveiled the Rosemount™ SAM42 Acoustic Particle Monitor, a cutting-edge solution designed for accurately measuring sand entrainment levels in oil and gas well outputs. Boasting remarkable sensitivity and repeatability, this monitor excels in challenging conditions, aiding in erosion risk reduction and production optimization. Its all-in-one design includes onboard data processing, explosion-proof protection, and hassle-free installation without pipe penetration.

The presence of entrained sand in oil and gas well outputs can lead to erosion-related issues, compromising safety and profitability. Traditional methods like grab-sampling lack real-time accuracy, potentially causing delays in decision-making and exacerbating risks. The Rosemount SAM42 addresses these challenges by providing instant, actionable data to onsite staff and asset management systems via Modbus® RTU RS485 connection. Its versatility extends to accommodating a wide range of pipe surface temperatures and diameters, ensuring suitability for various applications in hazardous environments.

For further details, visit www.Emerson.com/RosemountSAM42.

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