RobotLAB Expands Its Cutting-Edge Robotics Franchise Network to New Jersey

RobotLAB, a leading figure in robotics integration with over 15 years of delivering impactful business innovations, proudly announces the inauguration of its first robotics integration franchise in New Jersey. Seasoned professionals in robotics and technology, Dhruvil and Ren Parikh, have secured exclusive franchising rights for RobotLAB in the Southern New Jersey region, covering a substantial market of over 8,500 businesses and nearly 500,000 residents. Introduced in 2023 to meet the burgeoning demand for AI and robotics solutions, RobotLAB’s pioneering robotics franchising initiative aims to enhance accessibility to automation and operational efficiency solutions, such as cleaning, delivery, and customer service robots, across Pleasantville, Mays Landing, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, enabling businesses of varying scales to adopt cost-saving robotic technologies.

Expanding beyond Southern New Jersey, RobotLAB has inked agreements for nearly 30 franchise territories, spanning major metropolitan areas in Texas, North Carolina, and Florida, with over 20 additional territories in advanced stages of contract finalization. “As a resident of New Jersey, I recognize the tremendous potential for robots to revolutionize local businesses with effective, cost-saving solutions for staffing shortages, resource constraints, and operational inefficiencies,” remarks Dhruvil Parikh, RobotLAB franchisee and Assistant Director at Ideal Institute of Technology. “RobotLAB is spearheading the democratization of robotics access nationwide, and I am excited to spearhead the digital and technological transformation of local industries and youth in Southern New Jersey.”

The newest addition to RobotLAB’s network was attracted to the robotics integration franchise program for its distinctive business proposition, anchored in innovation, structured support, and territorial exclusivity. Esteemed members of the local technology community, the Parikhs bring nearly three decades of combined IT expertise to the franchise venture, equipping them to educate business owners on the operational and financial advantages of integrating cleaning, delivery, and hospitality robots. To further magnify its impact, RobotLAB South Jersey has partnered with the esteemed vocational trade school, Ideal Institute of Technology in Pleasantville, to offer an exclusive program aimed at instructing students on programming, maintenance, and deployment of robots, thereby expanding access to robotics education in the Mid-Atlantic region while generating future employment opportunities for graduates.

“Robots are increasingly recognized as effective and strategic business solutions across diverse industries, and we are thrilled to enhance access to such technologies in New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic region,” notes Ren Parikh, RobotLAB franchisee and founder of Ideal Institute of Technology. “As an educator committed to empowering students through knowledge and hands-on learning, I am eager to integrate RobotLAB’s state-of-the-art robots into our classrooms, enabling students to broaden their skill set for future employment prospects.”

With a notable portfolio of longstanding partnerships encompassing top-tier robot manufacturers and a track record of deploying over 10,000 robots globally, RobotLAB is dedicated to sharing its 15+ years of expertise with franchise partners and the local communities they serve. With the goal of expanding access to robotics and AI solutions across the United States, RobotLAB’s innovative franchising opportunity empowers local partners like the Parikhs to seamlessly introduce businesses in their territories to the transformative power of automation.

Through RobotLAB South Jersey, businesses will enjoy direct access to the company’s exemplary services, including sales, customized programming, onsite integration, and repairs. Local proprietors inclined to trial the robots in their businesses before full integration will have the opportunity to do so. The franchise program boasts minimal overheads, comprehensive online and in-person training, limited staffing requirements, and attractive revenue prospects in a rapidly expanding industry with boundless potential. Additionally, the program’s low entry costs and thorough training modules make it an ideal choice for both aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into franchising and seasoned franchisees seeking portfolio diversification with a pioneering opportunity.

Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) have been approved across all 50 U.S. states. For further details regarding RobotLAB’s franchising program, please visit To learn more about RobotLAB South Jersey, visit

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