FLIR Introduces Si2-Series Acoustic Imagers for Detecting Air and Gas Leaks

FLIR Expands Si-Series with Advanced Si2 Acoustic Imagers FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, has unveiled the Si2 family, comprising the Si2-Pro, Si2-LD, and Si2-PD models. These new additions to the Si-Series are tailored for detecting compressed air leaks, gas leaks, mechanical faults, and partial discharges. The Si2 cameras offer superior performance, extended detection range, enhanced sensitivity, and accurate issue classification.

Featuring improved image quality, including a 12 MP color camera and 8x digital zoom, the Si2 series boasts enhanced battery life and LED illumination for better visibility. They now also quantify gas leaks beyond compressed air, covering gases like hydrogen, CO₂, methane, and more.

With advanced automatic filtering and the ‘mech mode’ feature, these cameras identify leaks and mechanical faults efficiently, aiding in rapid evaluation and resolution. They facilitate on-camera severity assessment, leak size estimation, and cost analysis, streamlining decision-making processes.

The Si2-Pro combines features from Si2-PD and Si2-LD, addressing mechanical bearing issues, partial discharges, and reducing compressed air and gas leaks. Rob Milner, FLIR’s Business Development Director, highlights the Si2-Series as the industry’s most comprehensive solution for various professional applications.

FLIR also offers training and 24/7 support alongside the Si2-Series. For more information, visit: FLIR Acoustic Imaging Solutions

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