Proemion Holding GmbH Acquires TrendMiner NV for Industrial Analytics Expansion

Proemion Holding GmbH, a leading global provider of advanced data and analytics technologies for mobile industrial assets, has announced its acquisition agreement with TrendMiner NV, an esteemed industrial analytics company affiliated with Software AG. This strategic move marks Proemion’s commitment to enhancing its analytics capabilities for critical industrial equipment. By integrating TrendMiner, based in Belgium, into its portfolio, Proemion aims to empower equipment manufacturers and operators with the ability to remotely and continuously gather machine data. This data utilization is geared towards maximizing equipment availability and performance.

TrendMiner specializes in offering a complementary, web-based, self-service analytics platform designed for monitoring critical equipment within intricate industrial settings. Their technology facilitates collaborative efforts among teams, fostering a culture of learning and improvement in overall production performance.

With a broad spectrum of clients spanning industries like chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, power generation, food and beverage, as well as high-tech manufacturing, TrendMiner’s technology is widely recognized and utilized.

Robert Thomas Michaelides, CEO of Proemion, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome TrendMiner to the Proemion family, as it opens up new avenues in machine and industrial monitoring.” He emphasized the potential for TrendMiner to enable the delivery of critical analytics software across diverse industrial contexts, catering to a broader customer base. Michaelides underscored the significance of this expansion in helping companies operate more efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

Joan van de Wetering, CEO of TrendMiner, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the partnership with Proemion as a catalyst for further investment in their cutting-edge industrial analytics solutions. This collaboration is poised to drive innovation both within and beyond manufacturing sites.

Under the umbrella of Proemion, TrendMiner will maintain its distinct brand identity, continuing to serve its clientele with unwavering commitment.

Established in 1987, Proemion has forged a strategic partnership with Battery Ventures, a renowned global technology-focused investment firm, since late 2022. The company’s technology empowers clients across diverse sectors such as construction, agriculture, logistics, and natural resources to effectively manage equipment, streamline maintenance scheduling, optimize fuel consumption, generate CO2 emissions reports, and more.

Max Kaye, a Battery Ventures executive serving on the board of directors of Proemion, emphasized the critical role of data and analytics technology in today’s industrial landscape. He noted that the acquisition of TrendMiner opens up significant opportunities for Proemion to broaden its offerings, thereby assisting industrial customers in optimizing their operations.

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