Geospace Technologies Unveils Durable, Featherweight Land Seismic Data Collection Node

Geospace Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: GEOS) has introduced its latest innovation, the Pioneer™, an all-in-one, lightweight, wireless seismic data acquisition solution tailored for land-based operations. Weighing less than 0.5kg, the Pioneer boasts a 5Hz geophone meticulously crafted by Geospace to be compact and lightweight. With a recording capability of 24 hours a day for 50 days, coupled with swift recharging and data retrieval times, the Pioneer offers unparalleled efficiency.

Designed with precision, each Pioneer node encompasses a GS-5 vertical geophone, battery, 24-bit digitizer, and GPS receiver within a sealed casing. The node’s features, including inductive charging and data transfer, enhance sensor coupling to significantly elevate the signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring superior data quality.

Rick Wheeler, President and CEO, commented, “The demand for land seismic acquisition solutions is on the rise, fueled by increased exploration and production activities in unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, as well as the focus on technologies facilitating the energy transition.” Wheeler emphasized Geospace’s commitment to quality, highlighting the Pioneer as the company’s first new land-based product in five years. In contrast to the influx of low-cost, low-quality alternatives flooding the market, Geospace prioritized maintaining exceptional performance, quality, and reliability with the Pioneer.

The Pioneer’s reduced power consumption, compact size, and lightweight design translate into minimized logistics and fuel costs, enabling faster and more efficient deployment for crews. Moreover, the Pioneer is fully compatible with Geospace’s proprietary software suite, including GeoUtilities, GeoReaper, and GeoMerge, empowering operators with scalable data collection and delivery capabilities through distributive computing.

With the Pioneer, Geospace continues its legacy of innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards while meeting the evolving needs of seismic data acquisition.

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