Portland’s Clean Hydrogen Project by NW Natural & Modern Hydrogen

NW Natural and Modern Hydrogen Unveil Breakthrough Clean Energy Project NW Natural and Modern Hydrogen recently hosted an event attended by over 100 guests and employees to reveal their latest project, which produces clean hydrogen while capturing solid carbon. The innovative equipment, developed by Modern Hydrogen and installed at NW Natural’s Central Resource Center in southeast Portland, utilizes methane pyrolysis.

During this process, solid carbon is captured and repurposed into Modern Hydrogen’s exclusive asphalt products, enhancing performance. These asphalt products are utilized in various applications, including paving and road repair projects, including the area surrounding NW Natural’s facility.

The hydrogen produced on-site is blended with natural gas and distributed through existing energy infrastructure.

NW Natural CEO David Anderson expressed the company’s commitment to safety, service, and technological advancement, emphasizing the importance of embracing renewable natural gas, clean hydrogen, and carbon capture to decarbonize the system.

Modern Hydrogen Co-Founder and CEO Tony Pan highlighted the groundbreaking achievements of this collaboration, including the implementation of the first utility-distributed pyrolysis system, pipeline injection of pyrolytic hydrogen, and solid carbon capture project.

Acknowledging the collaborative effort, Anderson credited the project teams from Modern Hydrogen and NW Natural, along with the contributions of local unions and contractors.

This three-year pilot project represents NW Natural’s ongoing exploration of hydrogen applications, building on extensive testing at the Sherwood Operations and Training facility to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of hydrogen blends in natural gas systems.

NW Natural is actively working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through various strategies, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, carbon offsets, and carbon capture. Transitioning from conventional natural gas to alternatives like renewable natural gas and clean hydrogen is central to their vision of a more sustainable future.

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