Fonon Corporation’s Laser Tech: Cutting Reflective Metals in Sanitary Equipment

Fonon Corporation Spotlights Titan FX Laser System for Sanitary Equipment Manufacturing Fonon Corporation, a versatile holding company and pioneer in laser technology, emphasizes the application of its Titan FX Laser Cutting Systems in processing reflective materials for sanitary equipment manufacturing.

Industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food processing, and beverages rely on pristine manufacturing processes to ensure product quality and consumer safety. Sanitary equipment such as tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and various components require fabrication from stainless steel and other reflective metals like aluminum, brass, and copper. Laser processing, particularly with Fonon’s Titan FX system, offers an efficient solution to address the challenges of working with these highly reflective materials.

The Titan FX Laser Cutting System incorporates cutting-edge features like a fiber laser source with built-in back-reflection isolator, ensuring reliability and minimal heat affected zones. Its Direct Drive Motion System, CleanCut technology, and adaptive fiber laser beam shaping deliver precise cuts at rapid speeds, minimizing errors and waste. Manufacturers benefit from increased speed, improved quality, reduced labor costs, and seamless integration into production lines.

By leveraging Fonon’s laser technology, sanitary equipment manufacturers enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve exceptional edge quality. To learn more about Fonon Corporation’s laser cutting solutions, visit

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