Porch Group Announces New Partnerships and Growth in its Utilities Channel

Porch Group, Inc.( “ veranda Porch Group ” or “ the Company ”)( NASDAQ PRCH), a leading perpendicular software company reinventing home services and insurance diligence, moment blazoned growth in its mileage concierge channel through fresh hookups. Last time Porch expanded its agreement with Exelon( NASDAQ EXC), to launch a move concierge program to Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power and Pepco effects furnishing access to over 2 million mileage guests across New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington DC. Along with these Q2 ’23 launches, veranda lately inked an agreement with TECO Peoples Gas( an Emra Company), which delivers safe natural gas to more than 470,000 guests throughout Florida. veranda now has hookups with 12 serviceability with access to over 14 million homes.

The new hookups launched, along with the continued focus on growth in our mileage concierge channel, have led to a roughly 20 time-over-year increase in mileage client volumes as compared to the same period previous time. conterminous to our mileage move concierge channel, veranda has lately begun to expand its products and services immolations beyond the move to target all mileage guests through fresh integration points and targeted marketing sweats. As an illustration, veranda has launched mileage-specific bond immolations that offer protection against unanticipated issues to mileage service lines. These guarantees are retailed through targeted juggernauts reaching further than just those mileage guests that are moving. “ This is a great illustration of the unique B2B2C channels Porch uses to gain privileged access to large volumes of guests at the right moments in time.

We’ll continue to upgrade this strategy, expanding from helping a mileage’s guests move to ongoing support and protection of their home. I’m proud of the sweats of our serviceability business who are driving strong growth and great client satisfaction with an NPS of 81. Given the results we’re demonstrating for mileage mates we’re seeing the channel for new cooperation openings continue to grow. ” Matt Ehrlichman, Chief Executive Officer.

About Porch Group

Seattle-based Porch Group, Inc., the vertical software and insurance platform for the home, provides software and services to approximately 30,700 home services companies such as home inspectors, mortgage companies and loan officers, title companies, moving companies, real estate agencies, utility companies, and warranty companies. Through these relationships and its multiple brands, Porch Group provides a moving concierge service to homebuyers, helping them save time and make better decisions on critical services, including insurance, warranty, moving, security, TV/internet, home repair and improvement, and more. To learn more about Porch Group, visit porchgroup.com or porch.com.

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