McNally Capital to Sell Advanced Micro Instruments, Inc. to Enpro Inc.

McNally Capital( “ McNally ”), a private equity establishment, is pleased to advertise the establishment has entered into an inked purchase agreement for the trade of Advanced Micro Instruments, Inc.( “ AMI ” or the “ Company ”) to EnproInc.( NYSE NPO). AMI is a leading provider of largely finagled, operation-specific analyzers and seeing technologies that cover critical parameters to maintain structure integrity, enable process effectiveness, enhance safety, and ease the clean energy transition. Based in Costa Mesa, California, AMI serves guests in the midstream natural gas, biogas, artificial processing, cryogenics, food processing, laboratory, wastewater, and aerospace requests.

The company offers a portfolio of oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and humidity analyzers and personal seeing capabilities that describe pollutants in a variety of processes, including natural gas and biogas aqueducts, which enable drivers to avoid glaring and, thereby, reduce CO2 emigrations. McNally invested in AMI in cooperation with the company’s author, Steven Kirchnavy, in 2014. The investment stemmed from McNally’s focus on artificial products and services assiduity. It was harmonious with the establishment’s strategy of partnering with authors and operation possessors to promote the uninterrupted success and expansion of intimately- held businesses. “ Under McNally’s stewardship, AMI has strengthened in all angles. From easing revolutionary product development and organic growth to diversifying our customer and distribution base with wide assiduity relinquishment of AMI’s products, they’ve driven tremendous value creation for the Company, ” said AMI author and former President and CEO, Steven Kirchnavy. Adam Lerner, Partner of McNally Capital, stated, “ The trade of AMI highlights the graces and strength of McNally Capital’s value creation process, directly impacting our investors and operation brigades throughout a full sale lifecycle. It’s also a testament to our discerned investment strategy of successfully bringing assiduity moxie to author-possessed businesses to not only support but greatly enhance their growth trip.

We’re proud to have worked with such a largely accomplished platoon in furnishing a results-focused approach to accelerate the business. ” “ AMI has endured meaningful growth through our cooperation with McNally Capital, further establishing us as assiduity leaders. We look forward to continuing our growth line by joining the Enpro family, ” said Kevin Bates, President and CEO of AMI. “ We’re thankful for the strong positioning McNally has strategically fostered for the Company, and this is an instigative coming chapter for AMI. ” McNally Capital makes thesis-driven investments in the U.S. and targets author- and operation-possessed companies. The establishment leverages a deep bench of assiduity mates who give incremental assiduity operating knowledge and moxie. McNally focuses on investing in lower-middle-request businesses with$ 5 million to$ 20 million in EBITDA in the Aerospace & Defense National Security, Industrial Products & Services, and Business Services diligence. The establishment is presently investing out of its married buyout fund, McNally Capital Fund II, LP.

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