Mujin Introduces Cutting-Edge Automation Solutions for Inbound and Outbound Operations at MODEX

Mujin, a frontrunner in robotics and automation technology, is set to unveil its pioneering robotic solutions designed to optimize warehouse case flows at the upcoming MODEX 2024 event. Scheduled live demonstrations at booth B6023 will showcase Mujin’s flagship TruckBot, a truck/container unloader, feeding into two robotic palletizing cells for sorting and palletizing inbound freight. Additionally, Mujin will present its acclaimed mixed-case depalletizing solution tailored for warehouses handling mixed pallets. Excitingly, the company will introduce Robotic Case Picking, a groundbreaking order fulfillment solution poised to revolutionize logistics efficiency.

Josh Cloer, Mujin’s Sales Director, emphasized the significance of incorporating robotics into warehouse operations from the outset. By adopting a holistic approach, integrating robotics, autonomous vehicles, and automation from the initial stages of conceptualization, Mujin aims to enhance overall performance, cost savings, and mitigate ergonomic challenges.

Outbound Logistics Automation: Advancements in Order Fulfillment

Robotic Case Picking represents a breakthrough in automating the case pick workflow within order fulfillment processes. Traditionally labor-intensive, this task is now streamlined with Mujin’s goods-to-robot system, utilizing mixed-case palletizing robots in tandem with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to pick directly from inventory pallets and assemble order pallets for outbound delivery. The orchestration of tasks is seamlessly managed by MujinController, ensuring efficient communication with warehouse management systems (WMS) for optimal order and inventory management.

Inbound Logistics Automation: Enhanced Truck Unloading, Palletizing, and Depalletizing Solutions

Mujin introduces enhancements to its TruckBot system, enabling it to handle larger and heavier boxes with advanced multi-picking capabilities. TruckBot revolutionizes warehouse operations by reducing manual labor, improving safety, and accelerating processes. Complementing this, Mujin’s robotic palletizing solutions offer superior efficiency in sorting, stacking, and organizing goods.

Mujin’s mixed-SKU depalletizing solutions excel in operations receiving mixed-load pallets. Leveraging advanced 3D vision and real-time motion planning, these systems effortlessly manage diverse pallet loads with zero prior inputs. At MODEX, a multi-channel gripper solution will be showcased, allowing for opportunistic multi-picking to further enhance receiving throughput.

Ross Diankov, Mujin’s CEO, highlighted the MujinController platform’s central role in seamlessly integrating diverse robotics technologies into a cohesive automation system. This integration simplifies tackling complex challenges, making it not just possible but remarkably straightforward.

Experience Mujin’s Cutting-Edge Automation at MODEX 2024

Mujin’s exhibit at MODEX promises a comprehensive display of automation technologies tailored to address contemporary logistics challenges. From optimizing inventory management to reducing operational costs, Mujin’s intelligent automation solutions offer a pathway to a more efficient, safe, and sustainable supply chain future.

Attendees are invited to witness Mujin’s groundbreaking capabilities firsthand at MODEX 2024, booth B6023, and explore how these technologies can revolutionize logistics operations, from inbound processing enhancements to advanced outbound fulfillment solutions.

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