Introducing the Revolutionary and Cost-Effective FlexAntenna by RFIDKNOW

RFIDKNOW Introduces Revolutionary Industrial RFID Portal In a significant technological advancement, RFIDKNOW has launched its cutting-edge industrial RFID portal, engineered to deliver scalability, durability, and effortless deployment. The FlexAntenna by RFIDKNOW revolutionizes conventional RFID portal reading systems by seamlessly integrating technological innovation with practicality. The outcome is a reader portal that simplifies shipping, handling, and installation, while delivering exceptional read performance.

The escalating demand for supply chain visibility is propelling the necessity for cost-effective, modular RFID reader portals in warehouses and distribution centers. Conventional RFID antenna solutions often pose challenges in terms of shipping and installation, particularly in bustling dock door and conveyor environments. The ability to swiftly deploy industrial RFID systems without cumbersome equipment is paramount for large-scale implementations.

RFIDKNOW is uniquely positioned to address the confluence of RFID functionality and affordability. With decades of collective experience advising on a myriad of RAIN RFID projects, the company’s leadership identified the shortcomings of existing RFID portals. “It became evident that current RFID portals were neither cost-effective, convenient, nor accurate enough to meet industry requirements,” explains Joe Hoerl, the principal consultant of the company. “RFIDKNOW took the initiative and developed the FlexAntenna.”

Crafted in collaboration with the leading antenna design firm, Innovoi, Ltd., the patent-pending FlexAntenna embodies a groundbreaking engineering paradigm for RFID tag reading and portal manufacturing. Its modular multilinear antennas, employing focused beams, capture RFID tag reads from all orientations, ensuring unparalleled performance.

The FlexAntenna is optimized for ease of transportation and installation. Featuring a modular, compact, and lightweight design to minimize shipping costs, it also boasts a robust aluminum enclosure engineered to endure the rigors of industrial environments. Deployments are seamless, as the FlexAntenna seamlessly integrates with leading RFID readers and associated software systems straight out of the box.

“RFIDKNOW’s FlexAntenna not only excels in technical prowess but also shines in practicality. Its flexible design streamlines shipping, mitigating logistics challenges, while consistently outperforming other RFID portals in terms of tag reading capabilities,” remarks Danny Kwoka, the business development manager of RMS Omega Technologies. “Following rigorous testing, the FlexAntenna has proven its superiority, prompting RMS Omega Technologies to proudly partner with RFIDKNOW as a solutions integration partner.”

Manufactured in the USA and readily available at scale, the FlexAntenna underscores RFIDKNOW’s commitment to custom branding and delivering top-tier solutions.

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