Mercedes-Benz Trucks Enhances E-Mobility: Now Offering Charging Stations for Customer Depots

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Enhances E-Mobility with Comprehensive Depot Charging Solutions

As fleet operators transition to e-mobility, they encounter various challenges, particularly regarding the necessary charging infrastructure at their depots. To support its customers, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has developed a holistic ecosystem offering both consulting and infrastructure services. This initiative now includes the sale of fast-charging stations directly from Mercedes-Benz Trucks dealerships, complementing their battery-electric vehicles.The “Depot Charging” package encompasses consultation, hardware sales, and technical services, with qualified Mercedes-Benz Trucks partners available for installation upon request. The goal is to ensure seamless charging processes and high vehicle availability. Mercedes-Benz Trucks aims to provide customers with a cost-effective, comprehensive solution for transitioning to electric mobility, covering aspects from energy generation to the installation of suitable charging infrastructure. The rollout will commence in Germany at the end of May 2024 with pilot projects at various dealerships, followed by a gradual expansion to other European countries.Traditionally, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has bridged the gap between transportation companies and charging solution providers through its eConsulting services. By integrating consultation, charging stations, and related services into its portfolio, Mercedes-Benz Trucks reduces the need for customers to coordinate with multiple parties, providing a centralized point of contact for electric trucks and their charging solutions. This single-invoice transaction model offers advantages such as shorter delivery times and cost savings. Additionally, Daimler Truck Financial Services (DTFS) offers financing solutions for the charging infrastructure, supporting both customers and dealers.Stina Fagerman, Head of Marketing, Sales, and Services at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, stated: “We have been pioneers in the industry for years with our extensive consultation on fleet electrification. Our eConsulting services have been continuously refined through customer feedback. By offering consultation and depot charging stations, we are addressing a critical customer need, making the transition to electric mobility even easier.”Alpitronic as Strategic Partner for Charging StationsAlpitronic, founded in South Tyrol in 2009, is the strategic partner for Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ charging stations. Since 2017, Alpitronic has focused on developing and producing the “Hypercharger” model series, known for its modular and advanced DC fast-charging solutions. Alpitronic’s fast-charging stations are widely adopted by public fast-charging infrastructure operators in Europe, thanks to their high power density and reliability. The company’s extensive service network, comprising over 200 field service technicians, ensures smooth operation and maintenance. The modular design of Alpitronic’s products also guarantees straightforward installation and maintenance.Improving Total Costs with eConsultingMercedes-Benz Trucks’ eConsulting service, part of its comprehensive ecosystem, aims to improve the total cost of ownership for electric trucks. The service includes advising on electric trucks, planning and designing depot charging infrastructure, and managing grid connections. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz Trucks consultants can assist customers in identifying public funding opportunities for both infrastructure and vehicles.

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