Daikin Celebrates 100th Anniversary with Commemorative Ceremony

In 2024, Daikin Industries, Ltd. celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding with a commemorative ceremony held on Tuesday, May 21 at The Symphony Hall in Kita-ku, Osaka. The event drew approximately 2,000 attendees, including distinguished guests, business partners, and Daikin Group employees from Japan and abroad. Company representatives expressed their gratitude to supporters and pledged to sustain the company’s growth for the next century.

“From a small factory of 15 people at our founding, we have transformed Daikin into a global company with operations in more than 170 countries worldwide, and I am personally mindful of just how far we have come,” remarked Noriyuki Inoue, Chairman of the Board and Chief Global Group Officer. He highlighted Daikin’s evolution and emphasized the importance of continuing to enhance technological capabilities to contribute to society.

Masanori Togawa, President and CEO, attributed Daikin’s success to its strong corporate culture and unique strengths, which he sees as the source of the company’s competitiveness. “Our ability to overcome numerous hardships and continue to grow and develop over the past 100 years lies in the good corporate culture built by our predecessors and Daikin’s unique strengths. We now have the opportunity for a fresh start to further evolve these strengths,” Togawa stated. He also emphasized Daikin’s commitment to customer satisfaction, environmental value, and social contributions.

Founded in 1924 as Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho Limited Partnership, Daikin began with the production of radiator tubes for aircraft. Over the years, it has pioneered many advanced technologies, including Japan’s first fluorocarbons, packaged air conditioners, and the world’s first VRV system multi-split air conditioner for commercial buildings. Today, with 125 production bases and around 100,000 employees globally, Daikin leads the HVAC&R industry, providing products and services that create healthy and comfortable spaces worldwide.

In addition to the commemorative ceremony, Daikin plans to mark its centennial year with various initiatives. These include enhancing support for the “Forests for the Air” project at seven global locations, revising the company’s “Group Philosophy,” convening a management meeting with roughly 300 senior managers to discuss key issues, and updating work uniforms at manufacturing plants.

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