Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ eActros 600: Historic Test Run

This summer, Mercedes-Benz Trucks embarks on its most extensive test run yet, featuring the new electric flagship, the eActros 600. Two near-series prototypes of this battery-electric long-haul truck will journey through over 20 European countries, covering more than 13,000 kilometers each, towing a total weight of 40 tons. The aim is to gather extensive data on various routes, terrains, and climates to understand energy consumption better. Mercedes-Benz Trucks plans to share these insights with interested customers and demonstrate the feasibility of transnational long-distance haulage using purely battery-electric vehicles in Europe. Despite the necessity of further developing public truck charging infrastructure, the “eActros 600 European Testing Tour 2024” aims to send a positive signal to stakeholders. With its high battery capacity of over 600 kilowatt-hours and an efficient in-house electric drive axle, the eActros 600 boasts a range of 500 kilometers without intermediate charging.

Dr. Christof Weber, Head of Global Testing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, expresses confidence in the prototypes, stating that they’ve undergone rigorous testing in various conditions and are now nearing series production readiness. Stina Fagerman, Head of Marketing, Sales, and Services, highlights the strong customer interest in the eActros 600, with over 1,000 firm orders and a significant number of letters of intent received. The “eActros 600 European Testing Tour 2024” aims to further enhance knowledge about the vehicle’s performance and deployment options, providing customers with informed consulting services. Additionally, it seeks to raise awareness among policymakers, energy sector decision-makers, and the public about the potential of battery-electric drives in long-haul transportation.

The tour, set to commence on June 11 from Frankfurt/Main, will be accompanied by communication activities. Unofficially, it starts a day earlier at Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ site in Wörth am Rhein and Daimler Truck AG’s headquarters in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Further details, including the route, will be revealed closer to the tour’s launch.

In a related initiative, Mercedes-Benz Trucks previously conducted a sales tour across Europe with the eActros 300/400 for heavy-duty distribution transport. This tour covered over 5,000 kilometers across several countries and included customer events and test drives, showcasing the company’s commitment to electrification across its truck lineup.

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