Mercedes Benz eCitaro Retains Electric Bus Crown: Wins Prestigious Comparison Test for Second Consecutive Year

The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G has once again clinched the title of Electric Bus Champion for the year 2024, reaffirming its status as a leader in emission-free urban transportation. This accolade comes following the prestigious electric bus comparison test organized by Omnibusspiegel bus magazine, where the eCitaro G garnered top ratings from a discerning panel of experts.

Last year, the solo bus version of the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro secured victory in the same competition, setting a high standard for its peers. In the latest edition of the test, held in April 2024 in Bonn, over 40 international journalists and industry representatives rigorously evaluated the latest low-floor articulated buses with battery-electric propulsion systems.

The testing regimen encompassed dynamic test drives on a challenging circuit, passenger ride-alongs, and comprehensive workshop evaluations to assess serviceability and repairability. The eCitaro G emerged as the frontrunner, earning praise for its passenger comfort, driver handling, build quality, and service accessibility.

Central to the eCitaro G’s success is its impressive battery configuration, featuring third-generation lithium-ion batteries (NMC3). Equipped with six high-voltage battery packs totaling approximately 588 kWh, the articulated bus boasts ample operational range. Variants with up to seven battery packs, offering a combined capacity of 686 kWh, further enhance flexibility.

Inside, the eCitaro G’s passenger compartment maintains the familiar layout of its Citaro predecessors, ensuring continuity for both passengers and drivers. The cockpit seamlessly integrates functionality with comfort, facilitating a smooth transition for drivers accustomed to conventional combustion-engine buses.

Safety remains paramount in Mercedes-Benz buses, with the eCitaro G featuring advanced systems such as the Articulation Turntable Controller (ATC) for optimal steering, stability, and maneuverability. Additional safety enhancements include the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS), radar-based Sideguard Assist, and Preventive Brake Assist.

Ahead of regulatory changes, the eCitaro G will introduce new safety systems, including the Sideguard Assist 2 and Frontguard Assist, bolstering pedestrian and cyclist collision prevention. The inclusion of intelligent Traffic Sign Assist and Tyre Pressure Monitoring further enhances driver awareness and vehicle safety.

Supporting its superior performance is Omniplus, Daimler Buses’ service arm, providing customers with a comprehensive network of specialized eBus service points across Europe. Digital services under the Omniplus brand offer vehicle data analysis, fleet management, and charging solutions, ensuring a seamless ownership experience for eCitaro G operators.

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