Daimler Buses and ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft Commemorate Opening of Electrified E-Bus Depot

Daimler Buses and ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft Mark Milestone with Completion of Electrified E-Bus Depot

Daimler Buses has proudly unveiled the successful delivery of a comprehensive electrified depot for ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft in Wiesbaden, alongside the provision of 120 battery-electric eCitaro buses since the project’s inception in 2019. Spearheaded by experts from Daimler Buses Solutions GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary, the project encompassed the establishment of the entire e-infrastructure crucial for the operation of the electric bus fleet. Acting as the general contractor, Daimler oversaw all construction aspects, including the installation of 120 charging stations.

Today, Andreas Kowol, Head of Building and Transport for the City of Wiesbaden and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft, Marion Hebding, Managing Director of ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft, and Till Oberwörder, CEO of Daimler Buses, commemorated the project’s completion alongside other key stakeholders.

Till Oberwörder, CEO of Daimler Buses, commented: “The significant ESWE order not only marked a milestone in terms of scale but also paved the way for Daimler Buses Solutions GmbH, strategically positioning us as a provider of comprehensive solutions. ESWE required a holistic approach encompassing both vehicles and charging infrastructure, and our expertise allowed us to electrify the Wiesbaden depot efficiently. The demand for turnkey solutions is evident, with our subsidiary currently electrifying over 20 depots across Europe, actively contributing to industry transformation in collaboration with our customers.”

ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft emerged as a pioneer, procuring e-buses and a complete electrified system from a single provider. Since signing the contract in April 2019, Daimler Buses has steadily delivered 120 eCitaro buses while concurrently converting the entire depot, managing three distinct construction phases in collaboration with numerous partners. The project scope included comprehensive underground engineering measures, electrical infrastructure installation, and charge management implementation, with Daimler assuming responsibility for operational software conversion and devising a tailored operating concept.

As the general contractor, Daimler Buses remains committed to ensuring the ongoing operation and maintenance of the installed system for the next twelve years.

ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft and Daimler Buses have cultivated a longstanding and fruitful partnership. Based in Wiesbaden, ESWE Verkehr is a prominent mobility provider in the region, operating over 290 buses and serving approximately 60 million passengers annually across 43 lines. With a workforce exceeding 1100 employees, the company has embraced the eCitaro as part of its ambitious initiative, converting a significant portion of its bus fleet to electric vehicles in a remarkably short span.

The collaboration between Daimler Buses and ESWE Verkehr epitomizes a successful partnership spanning several decades.

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