Lattice Introduces Advanced 3D Sensor Fusion Reference Design for Autonomous Systems

Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC), renowned for its low-power programmable devices, has unveiled a pioneering 3D sensor fusion reference design, aimed at expediting the advancement of cutting-edge autonomous applications. This innovative design merges a deterministic, low-latency, low-power Lattice Avant™-E FPGA with Lumotive Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) programmable optical beamforming technology. The result is enhanced perception, unparalleled reliability, and streamlined autonomous decision-making in intricate environments spanning industrial robotics, automotive, and smart city infrastructure.

Matt Dobrodziej, Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Lattice Semiconductor, elaborates, “The automotive, robotic, and factory automation landscapes are in a constant state of evolution as autonomous technology rapidly progresses. Lattice’s low-latency, low-power FPGA solutions are ideally positioned for this transformation, tackling computational challenges at the edge. When coupled with advanced 3D sensor technologies, Lattice sensor fusion solutions open up new avenues for our customers to design groundbreaking applications, redefining mobility and safety.”

Key features of the new sensor fusion reference design include:

  1. Unrivaled perception facilitated by low-power AI inference at the edge, leveraging Lattice FPGA solutions for processing and synchronization fusion across all sensors, encompassing LiDAR, radar, and camera sensors.
  2. Cutting-edge solid-state LiDAR system with beam steering, powered by Lumotive LCM technology, delivering superior 3D detection capabilities.

Dr. Kevin Camera, Vice President of Product at Lumotive, emphasizes, “Lumotive LCM beam steering chips, equipped with AI-based scanning capabilities, elevate the solid-state LiDAR system to unprecedented levels of performance and flexibility. Lattice FPGAs, proficient in executing intricate sensor fusion tasks with utmost efficiency and minimal latency, amplify these capabilities, enabling autonomous applications to intelligently adapt to diverse use cases and scenarios.”

Witness live demonstrations of this groundbreaking technology at the Embedded Vision Summit 2024, where the new 3D sensor fusion reference design will be showcased. Join us at booth 418 during the event in Santa Clara, California, on May 22-23, 2024, to explore innovative FPGA solutions for low-power applications, empowering industrial, automotive, and security applications at the edge.

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