Humanetics Marks 30 Years of Manufacturing in Erie County, Ohio, Contributing to Global Lifesaving Efforts

Humanetics, the leading manufacturer of anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs), commonly known as crash test dummies, proudly marks its 30th anniversary in Erie County, Ohio, and its 15th year in Huron, Ohio. Rooted in the 1950s when Samuel Alderson pioneered the first crash test dummy, Humanetics has since developed over 40 types of ATDs, catering from newborns to adults, including specialized devices for children and females. Production of crash test dummies commenced in Milan, Ohio, in 1991 before expanding to a larger facility in Huron to meet growing demand.

Situated in Erie County, the 45,000 square foot facility was purpose-built for crash test dummy manufacturing. It boasts cutting-edge machinery, advanced molding systems, and a certified testing lab, ensuring top-notch quality control. A recent addition to commemorate the 15-year milestone in Huron is a billboard on Route 2, emphasizing the community’s integral role in global vehicle safety.

Christopher O’Connor, President and CEO of Humanetics, underscores the local impact, noting that every vehicle’s safety design worldwide undergoes testing with crash test dummies originating from Huron. The facility, employing over 120 operators and engineers, offers diverse career opportunities, with comprehensive training provided for various roles.

Since 1990, vehicle safety technologies, including seat belts and airbags, combined with rigorous crash testing, have saved countless lives. Humanetics’ Huron facility plays a pivotal role in producing tools that integrate these life-saving technologies into modern vehicles, contributing significantly to road safety.

Humanetics’ commitment to safety and community involvement is highlighted by the billboard marking its 15th year in Huron. Looking ahead, Humanetics remains dedicated to innovation and continued partnership with the Huron community in its mission to save lives on the road.

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