John Deere Seeks First Chief Tractor Officer for Social Media

Discover the ultimate influencer adventure with John Deere! Teaming up with quarterback Brock Purdy, the iconic American brand is on a quest to find its inaugural Chief Tractor Officer (CTO) – a vibrant and charming content creator set to shine a spotlight on farmers, contractors, groundskeepers, and brand enthusiasts.

Imagine yourself traversing iconic stadiums and sporting landmarks, capturing the perfect outfield stripes one day, and crafting a #DayInTheLife narrative at Yellowstone National Park, tending to the most picturesque roads in America the next. Such is the life of the CTO.

Jen Hartmann, Global Director of Strategic Public Relations and Enterprise Social Media, emphasizes, “Every facet of our daily existence – from breakfast to attire to the roads we tread – has unsung heroes with compelling narratives to share. The Chief Tractor Officer isn’t merely about content creation; it’s about weaving captivating tales about the people and industries bolstering our collective lives.”

To vie for this prestigious role, applicants must submit a brief video pitch showcasing their creativity, humor, and zeal for the job. They’re also encouraged to share their entries on TikTok and/or Instagram, tagging @JohnDeere.

In summary, if you know someone who embodies the essence of a natural storyteller, thrives amidst nature’s grandeur, and exudes charisma both on and off-camera, direct them to to seize the opportunity of a lifetime. Applications are open until April 29, 2024.

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