Introducing Vartis12™: The Premier Multi-Celestial Timekeeping App for Elevating Your Solar Eclipse Journey

Today signifies a monumental milestone for Episome Inc. as it embarks on a daring venture with the pioneering application employing state-of-the-art timekeeping methodologies that harmonize cyclic and linear time. Available for iPhones and Apple Watches, Vartis12 ushers in a new era of multi-celestial timekeeping by integrating Mars orbital periods and planetary time, introducing Moon18—a revolutionary amalgamation of ancient Mesoamerican timekeeping principles with contemporary technology.

Seize a Rare Opportunity to Prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th:

Vartis12 presents an iOS widget and watch app featuring Moon18 timekeeping, facilitating meticulous tracking of the Moon’s orbit in anticipation of the captivating total solar eclipse on April 8th.

Key Features of Vartis12 iPhone Widget and App:

Moon18 time: A lunar orbital timepiece synchronized with a New Moon event, correlated with celestial occurrences such as solar eclipses and operating independently of Earth time zones. Mars timekeeping: Monitor Mars’ orbital period and Mars24 time, inclusive of time zones. Ancient and modern calendars: Incorporating the Gregorian and Islamic Hijri Calendar systems. About Episome and Vartis12:

Vartis12 is an iOS app crafted by Episome Healthcare Investing and Consulting Services Inc., “Episome Inc.,” a privately held consultancy endeavoring to amalgamate ancient wisdom with contemporary technology. Vartis12 underscores our unwavering commitment to leveraging patent-pending technology to develop solutions for modern challenges, from autonomous timekeeping for lunar exploration to potentially groundbreaking quantum clock methodologies essential for quantum computing.

For media inquiries, visit or follow us on YouTube (@Vartis12) and Twitter (@Vartis12).


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This press release may contain forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties.

The accuracy of this launched version of Moon18 and Mars timekeeping is dependent on publicly available temporal event periods. For instance, the current accuracy for Moon18 is projected to be within approximately one minute of actual Earth, Moon, Sun conjunction events.

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