Expanding Deployment of Crash Response Technology by Agero Following Substantial 2023 Growth: A Correction and Replacement

Agero Expands Deployment of Crash Response Technology Following Significant Growth in 2023 Agero, the leading provider of digital driver assistance services and software for automotive and auto insurance brands, has announced the expansion of its Crash Response technology following a remarkable surge in 2023. The company’s volume of calls initiated through Crash Response has soared by an impressive 475% since its inception, with a substantial 44% year-over-year growth in 2023.

This expansion marks a crucial step for Agero, allowing them to extend their vital Crash Response offering, which promptly collaborates with emergency services to dispatch assistance after detecting a crash, to a broader consumer base across the United States. This move comes at a critical time as accident rates and severity continue to escalate.

The deployment of Agero’s Crash Response technology witnessed a significant boost last year with the addition of two more Top 10 carriers launching programs, effectively doubling the Crash Response dispatch volume. This not only translates to twice the opportunities for cost savings associated with retrieving vehicles from accident scenes but also doubles the potential for life-saving customer interactions.

Ben Zatlin, Vice President and Head of Accident Management at Agero, emphasized, “Safety is always the paramount concern whenever a collision occurs. At Agero, we’ve long been proud of our ability to get to the scene quickly and help clients recover the vehicle. Now with increased Crash Response deployments, we’re excited to do even more for our clients’ customers in their time of need.”

Through strategic partnerships with leading telematics technology providers, Agero’s Crash Response team receives immediate notifications upon crash detection and validation. They swiftly engage with the driver, assess the situation, and determine the required level of support. Given that emergency response time is crucial for ensuring an injured person receives timely medical care, Agero’s responsiveness plays a pivotal role in saving lives.

Moreover, accident details are promptly shared with the insurer’s claim system to kickstart the claims process and arrange for towing. Without Crash Response, the typical policyholder takes eight days to report an accident to their insurer, as per a P&C insurance industry study. Crash Response facilitates earlier accident reporting, potentially reducing secondary costs by $800 to $1,000 by minimizing expenses related to additional storage, tows, and rental days.

Customer testimonials further underscore the profound impact of Agero’s Crash Response service, showcasing gratitude and appreciation for the prompt assistance provided during critical moments:

  • “My insurer literally saved my life. THANK YOU.”
  • “Very nice service. Outstanding.”
  • “She was simply amazing! Thank you, I’m happy to see another day on this earth.”
  • “It was a good feeling to know someone had my back in an instant when I was scared for my life.”

To learn more about Agero’s Crash Response technology, interested individuals can refer to the provided PDF document or watch the informative video overview.

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