Hyundai SANTA FE XRT, DICE, and SPACE Design Concepts Win Red Dot Awards

Hyundai Motor Company has once again underscored its global design prowess with a series of impressive wins at the 2024 Red Dot Awards. Among the highlights, the Hyundai SANTA FE XRT Concept clinched the prestigious Design Concept award in the Cars and Motorcycles category, while Hyundai’s groundbreaking innovations, DICE and SPACE, were recognized in the Autonomous category.

Launched alongside the SANTA FE in 2023, the SANTA FE XRT Concept is tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting rugged capabilities that effortlessly tackle challenging terrains. This versatile SUV embodies the spirit of adventure with features like robust off-road wheels, a durable roof-mounted luggage rack, and ample external storage, catering to utility-focused lifestyles.

Debuting at CES 2024, DICE (Digital Curated Experience) revolutionizes autonomous mobility by delivering personalized, optimized services. Seamlessly integrating with personal devices, DICE offers sharing and subscription-based services, enhancing user interaction through an innovative gesture-controlled 3D ‘Ring Pad’. Powered by a green hydrogen-based fuel cell, DICE not only provides transport but also contributes to cleaner urban environments through air purification technologies and flexible driving modes.

Also unveiled at CES 2024, SPACE (Spatial Curated Experience) Mobility introduces a versatile public mobility system designed for inclusivity, offering unrestricted travel access for all, including individuals with mobility impairments. Featuring an adaptable interior with an ‘Adaptive Seat’ and accessible boarding heights, SPACE Mobility supports last-mile transportation needs and can be easily repurposed with a hydrogen fuel cell energy system for sustainable operations.

The Red Dot Award, hosted by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany, stands as one of the world’s largest and most esteemed design competitions, encompassing various disciplines including Design Concept. This accolade underscores Hyundai Motor’s commitment to innovation and excellence in shaping the future of mobility. For more details about the Red Dot Award, please visit Red Dot Award website.

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