Hyundai and Hilton Grand Vacations Partner for Enhanced EV Customer Experience

Hyundai Motor Company and Hilton Grand Vacations APAC & Hawaii (HGV) have announced a collaboration aimed at expanding the customer EV experience and identifying potential customers.

This alliance will see Hyundai Motor and HGV launch joint programs designed to enhance customer experiences and promote sustainable mobility solutions at key tourist destinations across Hawaii.

Hyundai Mobility Japan (HMJ) kicked off the ‘Hyundai Mobility Passport’ campaign in April, allowing customers to experience Hyundai vehicles at select locations on Oahu Island. This initiative is well-suited to Hawaii, where there is growing eco-consciousness and an increasing adoption of EVs.

Building on this, Hyundai and HGV plan to introduce the ‘Hyundai Mobility Passport in Kona’ program starting this summer.

The goal is to elevate customer satisfaction and brand recognition by offering unique EV experiences at travel destinations. Initially launching in Hawaii, Hyundai intends to expand this initiative globally based on future demand and customer feedback on EVs.

Yoo Seok Chung, Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Company, emphasized, “Our partnership with Hilton Grand Vacations underscores our commitment to delivering seamless EV experiences to customers. This collaboration will introduce Hyundai’s exceptional electric vehicles to environmentally conscious travelers in Hawaii.”

Hyundai Motor is dedicated to fostering a better world through human-centered innovation, aligned with its brand vision of ‘Progress for Humanity,’ driving advancements in sustainable mobility across diverse sectors.

As a leading global timeshare brand, HGV offers innovative vacation options and exceptional experiences worldwide, advocating sustainable travel practices.

Together, Hyundai Motor and HGV aim to provide effortless electric vehicle experiences at customer destinations, promoting eco-friendly travel solutions.

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