Houston Welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister and Delegation at Bilateral Chamber Event

The Bilateral Chamber, renowned for its dedication to global commerce, recently played host to His Excellency Mohammed Shyaa Sabbar Al-Sudani, the esteemed Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq, and his accompanying delegation in Houston, Texas. Joining him were key figures including Iraq’s Minister of Oil, Hayyan Abdul Ghani, and Minister of Planning, Dr. Muhammad Ali Tamim, alongside a contingent of Iraq’s business leaders who engaged in fruitful discussions with their American counterparts.

Central to the gathering was a round table discussion, where Prime Minister Al-Sudani shared insights into Iraq’s commitment to fostering strategic partnerships, particularly in the realms of energy, infrastructure, and real estate. Emphasizing efficiency and sustainability, the discussions underscored Iraq’s ambitious vision for its energy landscape and its eagerness to collaborate with leading U.S. entities.

This event in Houston marked a significant milestone following official visits to Washington, DC, and the signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between Iraqi and U.S. companies. These MOUs, aimed at capturing natural gas from flaring in Iraq’s oilfields, symbolize the enduring commitment and historical ties between these companies and Iraq.

Aida Araissi, Founder & CEO of the Bilateral Chamber, hailed the collaborative efforts as instrumental in realizing the broader vision articulated during Prime Minister Al-Sudani’s visit. She noted the renewed enthusiasm among Iraqi delegates and U.S. companies, foreseeing increased investment and support for Iraq’s development endeavors.

With industry heavyweights such as Baker Hughes, GE Vernova, Honeywell, and Total in attendance, the event showcased the collective resolve of Iraqi and American stakeholders to tackle energy and non-energy development challenges head-on.

Beyond energy, Prime Minister Al-Sudani unveiled ambitious plans for urban development, healthcare infrastructure, and digitalization efforts. Spanning various sectors including oil, gas, healthcare, and education, his commitment to improving the standard of living for Iraqi citizens was reiterated emphatically.

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