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ResearchAndMarkets.com is now offering the “Activated Carbon – Global Strategic Business Report.” The global market for activated carbon is expected to reach 5.7 million tons by 2030, up from 3.1 million tons in 2023, with a projected CAGR of 8% during 2023-2030.

Activated carbon is widely recognized for its versatile applications across various industries. It comes in different forms to meet diverse market needs and is extensively used in several sectors. The competitive landscape of activated carbon features players with varying degrees of strength and global presence, as evidenced by market share percentages in 2023.

Among the segments analyzed, powdered activated carbon is expected to witness a 8.9% CAGR, reaching 3.6 million tons by the end of the forecast period. Granular activated carbon is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% over the same period.

The U.S. market is estimated at 563.9 thousand tons in 2023, while China is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 9.5%, reaching a market size of 2.2 million tons by 2030. Other noteworthy markets include Japan and Canada, each expected to grow at around 5.8% and 5.9% respectively over the period of 2023-2030. Germany is anticipated to grow at approximately 6.8% CAGR within Europe.

The report highlights the significance of production and export landscapes, with certain countries emerging as key players in the industry. Given its raw material-intensive nature, the report emphasizes the importance of comparing various types of activated carbon based on raw materials. Recent market activities indicate ongoing vibrancy and evolution within the industry, supported by the presence of leading brands driving innovation and market dynamics.

The report delves into various market trends and drivers, including a growing focus on sustainable production from renewable sources, increasing demand in the automobile sector due to stringent emission norms, and significant opportunities in water treatment applications. Additionally, it explores emerging trends such as the use of activated carbon in air purification, hydrogen storage, and addressing environmental concerns like plastic waste and tire-derived activated carbon.

Key players featured in the report include Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc., Cabot Corporation, Carbon Activated Corp., Clarimex S.a. de C.V., Fujian Yuanli Active Carbon Co., Ltd, Haycarb Plc, Ingevity Corporation, Kuraray Co., Ltd., Calgon Carbon Corporation, Chemviron Carbon, Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd., and SCR-Sibelco NV.

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