Honda Inaugurates New R&D Hub in Bengaluru to Drive Electrification in India

Honda R&D (India) Private Limited (HRID), a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., dedicated to motorcycle and power product research and development in India, unveiled its new Solution R&D Center in Bengaluru, Karnataka today.

Honda has committed to achieving carbon neutrality across its products and operations globally by 2050, striving to make its entire range of products carbon neutral in terms of power sources. In the motorcycle sector, Honda aims to achieve carbon neutrality for all its motorcycle products by the 2040s. Against the backdrop of India’s ongoing economic growth, the Indian government pledged at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) in 2021 to work towards achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2070.

In light of these environmental imperatives, Honda recognizes the need to not only embrace electrification trends but also to innovate beyond conventional boundaries to deliver more compelling products and services, thereby remaining a preferred choice for customers.

The Solution R&D Center will expedite the integration of advanced mobility technologies into electrified vehicle development and focus on software and connected services. Through open innovation and collaboration with research and development entities, the center aims to foster ‘co-creation’ and swiftly incorporate emerging technologies and concepts. Leveraging its strategic geographic location, the center will forge partnerships with forward-thinking companies to explore new services and ventures that transcend conventional business realms.

Moreover, Honda is committed to addressing societal challenges such as energy efficiency through its Triple Action to ZERO initiative, which targets carbon neutrality, clean energy, and resource circulation. Additionally, Honda aims to eliminate traffic collision fatalities globally involving its motorcycles and automobiles by 2050.

Honda remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering products with innovative value, rooted in its unique technological advancements and innovations, to offer customers the joy of freedom of mobility.

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