Emerson’s Precision Pressure Valves: Flexible Control for Manufacturing

Emerson Unveils AVENTICSTM Series 625 Sentronic Proportional Pressure Control Valves Emerson has introduced the new AVENTICSTM Series 625 Sentronic Proportional Pressure Control Valves, boasting a control deviation of under 0.5%. Engineered for precise electronic proportional pressure control, these valves offer the flexibility required for advanced pneumatic control engineering applications. Included Data acquisition software (DaS) streamlines startup, monitoring, and control directly on a PC.

Nicolas Jacquet, Director of Product Management for Emerson’s discrete automation business, highlighted the critical importance of accuracy and control in high-precision equipment like flame cutting and laser eye surgery. The Series 625 Sentronic valves excel in controlling pressure, flow rate, power, speed, distance, and angular positions, constituting a core technology within the AVENTICS portfolio for factory automation.

Available in four valve sizes ranging from 1 mm to 20 mm, they support flow rates from 55 liters per minute to 4,700 l/min and offer pressure capabilities from vacuum levels up to 50 bar. This versatility can reduce the number of valves required in a machine design. The valves come with housing materials in brass, aluminum, or stainless steel, and sealing materials in nitrile (NBR) or fluoroelastomer (FKM), along with three connector options: M12 5-pin, M12 8-pin, and M16 7-pin.

In an era where development and manufacturing timelines are shrinking, the need for fast startup procedures and reliable, controllable manufacturing processes is paramount. DaS software empowers operators to diagnose, control, repair, or configure valves individually. It also facilitates cascade controls for applications demanding exceptional precision and complex control loops. Enhanced diagnostic and monitoring functions cover input pressure, commanded pressure, internal temperature, and ethernet communication.

For further information on AVENTICS Series 625 Sentronic Proportional Pressure Control Valves, visit www.emerson.com/en-us/catalog/automation/industrial-factory-automation/proportional-pressure-control-valves/aventics-625-en-us.

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