Honda and Asahi Kasei Forge Collaboration for Battery Separator Production in Canadian Automotive Market

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced a significant milestone in its pursuit of advancing electric vehicle (EV) technology. The company has entered into a fundamental agreement with Asahi Kasei Corporation to collaborate on the production of battery separators for automotive batteries in Canada. This collaboration aims to establish a joint venture company by the end of 2024.

Battery separators are crucial components in lithium-ion batteries, preventing electrical short circuits while facilitating the permeation of lithium ions. Recognizing the importance of establishing a stable supply chain for high-performance batteries in the North American electrification market, Honda and Asahi Kasei will work together to produce separators for automotive batteries, including those for electric vehicles (EVs) Honda intends to manufacture and distribute in North America, as well as batteries for other OEMs.

By leveraging their respective strengths in material and electrification technologies, the two companies aim to produce high-quality separators that will enhance the performance of EV batteries. This collaboration is expected to contribute to the acceleration of initiatives toward carbon neutrality by enabling the production of high-performance EVs.

Hiroyoshi Matsuyama, Senior Executive Officer of Asahi Kasei Corp., emphasized the significance of the collaboration in driving the growth of the EV market and facilitating the energy transition in North America. He highlighted Asahi Kasei’s commitment to technological innovation in the energy storage sector and expressed confidence in the partnership’s ability to increase the productivity, safety, and battery life of lithium-ion batteries.

Manabu Ozawa, Managing Executive Officer of Honda Motor Co. Ltd., reiterated Honda’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality and emphasized the importance of separators in enhancing battery performance and durability for EVs. He emphasized the strategic significance of producing separators in Canada through collaboration with Asahi Kasei and expressed Honda’s dedication to creating EVs with greater competitiveness to meet the growing demand for electrified vehicles in the North American market.

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