GE HealthCare Unveils Caption AI for Vscan Air SL Ultrasound: Enhanced Cardiac Imaging

GE HealthCare Launches Caption AI for Vscan Air SL Handheld Ultrasound, Revolutionizing Cardiac Assessments GE HealthCare (Nasdaq: GEHC) has introduced Caption AI, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven software, to expedite cardiac assessments at the point of care on Vscan Air SL. This groundbreaking technology offers real-time guidance to clinicians, enabling them to capture high-quality diagnostic images and obtain automated ejection fraction estimations swiftly. The Vscan Air SL with Caption AI will be showcased at the 2024 American College of Cardiology (ACC) Annual Scientific Session & Expo in Atlanta from April 6 – 8, 2024.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains a leading cause of global mortality, necessitating early detection for improved patient outcomes. However, conducting rapid echocardiographic assessments at the point of care can be challenging, especially in resource-limited settings. Vscan Air SL with Caption AI addresses this challenge by simplifying cardiac imaging, making it accessible even to non-expert ultrasound users.

Dr. Jordan B. Strom, a cardiologist, highlighted the transformative potential of Vscan Air SL with Caption AI in cardiac care, emphasizing its role in facilitating rapid and confident assessments at the point of care. The integration of AI guidance ensures the retrieval of diagnostic-quality information, aiding in timely and accurate decision-making.

Caption AI offers real-time visual guidance on probe movements and includes a quality meter to optimize image acquisition. Moreover, its AutoEF feature automatically calculates left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), streamlining the assessment process. The Vscan Air SL, equipped with industry-leading single crystal transducer technology, provides exceptional imaging performance in a portable format.

Roland Rott, president and CEO of Ultrasound at GE HealthCare, underscored the significance of Caption AI in advancing cardiac screening capabilities, emphasizing its role in supporting early detection of cardiac disease. The integration of Caption Health’s technology further strengthens GE HealthCare’s leadership in ultrasound and artificial intelligence.

The launch of Vscan Air SL with Caption AI aligns with GE HealthCare’s commitment to precision care, furthering its extensive portfolio of AI-enabled medical devices. At ACC 2024, GE HealthCare will showcase its comprehensive suite of cardiovascular solutions, including CardioVisio for Atrial Fibrillation, a digital clinical decision support tool.

Visit booth #2517 at ACC 2024 to explore the Vscan Air SL with Caption AI and learn more about GE HealthCare’s innovative cardiac care solutions. For additional information, visit the Vscan Air website.

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