GE HealthCare Expands Global Access to Precision Medicine Tools

GE HealthCare Expands Precision Care Tools at SNMMI Annual Meeting

At the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) annual meeting, GE HealthCare highlighted new precision care tools addressing global healthcare needs and advancing personalized medicine.

Addressing Global Healthcare Disparities

Over half the world’s population lacks essential health services, with two-thirds unable to access diagnostic imaging. Healthcare providers often struggle to source commercial PET tracers, impacting patient care. GE HealthCare President & CEO, Jean-Luc Procaccini, emphasized the need for accessible cutting-edge solutions to support patient care globally.

Enhancing Access to Diagnostic Imaging

To support precision care in molecular imaging and nuclear medicine, GE HealthCare is developing products like the MINItrace Magni, a cost-effective cyclotron for in-house production of PET tracers. When combined with TRACERcenter, this technology aids in diagnosing conditions across oncology, cardiology, and neurology.

Innovations in PET/CT Technology

GE HealthCare introduced the Omni Legend 21 cm, a performance-focused PET/CT system designed for various healthcare demands, including oncology, neurology, and cardiology. This system features a 21 cm digital detector, deep learning reconstruction capabilities, and AI-powered workflow solutions, reducing dose requirements by up to 40%.

Expanding Access with Portable Solutions

The Omni Legend mobile PET/CT system makes advanced imaging available to regional and local centers, reducing travel for remote patients. GE HealthCare also offers refurbished medical equipment to provide affordable, quality healthcare solutions.

Advancing Theranostics with AI Solutions

Unveiled at SNMMI24, Clarify DL is a new deep-learning reconstruction technology for bone SPECT imaging, reducing noise while maintaining contrast. This AI-powered solution, paired with GE HealthCare’s StarGuide digital SPECT/CT system, enhances precision in theranostic procedures and therapy evaluations.

Digital Innovations for Personalized Care

GE HealthCare’s acquisition of MIM Software brings innovative digital solutions like MIM Encore and MIM SurePlan MRT, enhancing workflow automation and efficiency. These tools support precise, connected care across various disease states.

Supporting Healthcare System Needs

GE HealthCare is committed to evolving healthcare systems with modular solutions, digital advancements, and refurbished equipment, aiming to increase access to precision care and improve patient outcomes globally.

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