Fonon Showcases Titan FX Laser Cutting Systems for Defense Industry Applications

Fonon Corporation, a versatile entity encompassing diverse markets, a robust research and development hub, as well as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge laser material processing systems for both subtractive and additive manufacturing, sheds light on the manifold applications of its laser cutting technologies within the defense industry manufacturing sector.

Proudly catering to defense industry manufacturers, Fonon presents its flagship precision metal cutting solution, the Titan FX Laser Cutting System. The Titan FX, available in various sizes, stands as a versatile flatbed multipurpose fiber laser cutting system, offering a potent blend of high performance and cost efficiency in cutting metals, including notoriously challenging highly reflective ones.

The defense industry extensively employs highly reflective metals across various applications, ranging from transportation and ballistics to the fabrication of protective gear components. Notable among these metals are titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel.

Titanium alloys, prized for their exceptional strength, lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, and high impact resilience, find extensive use in crafting structural components and protective panels for armored vehicles, aircraft engines, pressure tanks, and missiles. However, the inherent reflectivity of titanium in the infrared spectrum poses a formidable challenge for laser processing.

Addressing the complexities of laser cutting highly reflective metals, Fonon provides an effective solution through its Titan laser cutting series, capable of seamlessly processing a myriad of metals and materials, including titanium.

Fonon’s Titan systems integrate a back-reflection isolator to shield the laser source from the light reflected off the workpiece. Noteworthy features of the Titan FX include CleanCut technology, minimizing material property alteration around the cut area; an advanced direct drive motion control platform for smoother motion and reduced vibration; and low power consumption relative to its industrial laser cutter counterparts.

The Titan FX eliminates the need for optical system alignment or laser delivery system maintenance, thanks to software-controlled mechanical geometry alignment, thus streamlining installation. Enclosed within a Class I laser enclosure, it ensures zero harmful radiation emission.

Beyond its proficiency in cutting highly reflective metals, the Titan FX finds application in naval domains, facilitating the processing of marine-grade aluminum and copper alloys. Similarly, its capabilities extend to aircraft and rocket manufacturing, adeptly handling lightweight specialty metal components. Operator and regulatory friendly, Titan FX systems guarantee operational excellence.

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