Expansion of Electric Utility Product Portfolio: Jensen Precast Acquires ProGlass Incorporated

Jensen Precast, a family-owned infrastructure solutions manufacturer since 1968, has recently completed the acquisition of ProGlass Incorporated, a Shelton, Washington-based company specializing in utility fiberglass products. This strategic move marks an expansion of Jensen Precast’s product offerings tailored for the electric utility sector.

Since the 1970s, Jensen Precast has been a trusted supplier of quality products to electric utility companies, including precast concrete vaults, polymer concrete handholes, and metal fabricated access hatches. ProGlass, founded in 1990 by Jim Holland in Gig Harbor, Washington, has been meeting the demand for fiberglass products in the electric utility industry.

Eric Jensen, CEO of Jensen Precast, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing tailored solutions for electric utility companies, stating, “From the early days at Jensen Precast, we have strived to build products that work well for electric utility companies, often collaborating with them to get the exact designs needed for their precise applications.”

ProGlass’s expertise lies in producing lightweight fiberglass products designed for easy handling, installation, and durability. Their products, resistant to UV rays and corrosive elements, are constructed with marine grade gelcoat to ensure structural integrity under challenging conditions. Moreover, like precast concrete, fiberglass is nonconductive, enhancing safety for electric utilities.

Sanna Schlosser, Jensen Precast’s Utility Product Manager, highlighted the benefits of the acquisition, stating, “Our electric utility customers will have even more favorable choices for their equipment needs. We can now fit fiberglass covers onto precast concrete utility trenches and gain advantages for our customers both at grade level and underground without having to source another supplier.”

ProGlass’s product range includes transformer pads, box pads, switchgear box pads, ground sleeves, splice boxes, looping enclosures, and other utility-focused solutions. Their clientele spans utilities and municipalities nationwide.

Tim Bruhn, General Manager of ProGlass, expressed optimism about the acquisition, stating, “ProGlass products complement Jensen Precast products well. We have a good product, and we’re pleased that Jensen Precast is ready to leverage it for even better customer value.”

For more information about ProGlass, visit www.ProGlassInc.com, or contact Utility Product Manager Sanna Schlosser at (775) 352-6305. Additionally, meet ProGlass and Jensen Precast at the NWPPA E&C show in Tacoma, Washington, from April 9-11.

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